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You expect the best from us when we take you out on the water. We demand the best from the clothing we use.
We chose top-of-the-line items from companies we trust and use every day on the water.

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Clear Creek Outfitters 5 out of 5 based on 18 ratings. 18 user reviews.
Clear Creek Outfitters
I booked a trip with Doug for my birthday, and he was absolutely perfect!! I had an amazing day, aside from having a friend invite themselves and kind of putting a damper on the day. But Doug was very professional, thoughtful, patient, informative, and fun to be around. He didn't talk too much and didn't talk too little, and he really knew the river!! I will definitely be going out with him when I return, he helped make it my best experience so far. I have no doubt it will be even better next time. I also had a baby with me, which he was incredibly empathic and considerate about. Thank you for a great day!!

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May Be a while

Well it's gotta melt some time.... And right now is the time. All the rivers have doubled in size the last couple of weeks. And the warm weather on tap will most likely keep it coming. The conditions right now are colored up and dangerous in a sense. Especially if...

Slowly Thawing

Snow is still high on the banks. Most put in and take outs are covered. And the water temps are cold. I know it sounds negative. But the truth is best. We're still in a Winter condition stage. But the future looks good. Getting out on the weekdays is a good bet. If...

Late Fall report 2018 Missoula.

Those 60 degree sunny days have pretty much said goodbye. We've moved into that winter transition where its overcast/raining, with much shorter windows of opportunity. Doesn't mean its not happening, just no reason to be out there too early. Blackfoot has some cool...