Blackfoot River Fly Fishing Guides

Blackfoot River Fly Fishing Guides

The Blackfoot River has it all! In addition to some amazing trout fishing, it offers stunning scenery, and wildlife sightings such as bald eagles soaring, Big Horn Sheep, and deer, are a common occurrence.

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I've been out with Doug in early and late spring, summer, and fall. There is more fishing available in his area than you can fish in a full week. Always a pleasure hanging out and learning/experiencing the day on the river with him. My wife and kids have all spent multiple trips in the past few years with Doug and I find him hands down the most enjoyable guide for all skill levels I have run into. I highly recommend Doug and Clear Creek Outfitters for anyone of any skill level to contact him in the Missoula and Craig areas of MT.

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Maximize Your Fishing Enjoyment on the Blackfoot River

For raw beauty alone, the Blackfoot River would be a hard river to beat, no matter where you traveled in the world. A good portion of this river has no bank-side development as it winds along through large sections of Forest Service and publicly owned lands. Because of the cooler temperatures along the Blackfoot, we are able to fish this stream when all other local rivers have gotten too warm. We typically begin fishing this river in mid to late June. Even with a little color to the river, we are still able to locate some of the biggest fish of the year.

We fish the Blackfoot throughout the summer after run-off has subsided. During this time of year, we fish the Blackfoot more as a large attractor pattern fishery. This season starts with salmon fly and golden stone fly patterns and progresses into hopper and terrestrial patterns in later summer. As we move into the fall, we start to use some of the patterns and techniques singular to this river, not to mention targeting some of the larger brown trout during their aggressive pre-spawn. The guides at Clear Creek Outfitters have come up with some very effective techniques for fishing the Blackfoot at this time of year. As the Blackfoot starts winding through a tight gorge the river lends itself to fishing from a boat with the most success.

We often see bull trout in this river because of its pristine nature. Bull Trout can only live in the cleanest waters. While it is not legal to target these fish, they have occasionally been known to take a streamer or bite out of a smaller fish that we have on the line. With the clarity on the river so high, occasionally you can catch a glimpse of one of these bull trout upwards of 30 inches.

Since the removal of the Milltown Dam we have some of the larger Rainbow Trout that formerly lived in the Clark Fork River, start to move up and interbreed with the trout on the Blackfoot River. The predominate species on the Blackfoot are the Cutthroat Trout, with an even distribution of the other three trout species making up the balance of the population.

If you want to specifically fish the Blackfoot River please call us to discuss dates and availability. If you are interested in fly-fishing Missoula Rivers please contact us about the dates you would like to visit, and we can make some great recommendations based on our extensive experience and your individual fly-fishing goals. Certain rivers afford different opportunities to anglers based upon their level of expertise, so please be honest about your abilities; we want to make sure you have the best experience possible!


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