Custom Guided Fly Fishing on Montana's Rivers

Cutthroat, Brown, and Rainbow Trout

Custom Guided Fly Fishing Trips

The best thing about using a guide…

When you are looking to fish in new waters, the biggest favor you can do yourself is to take a custom guided fly fishing trip. Why use a guide?

The best thing about using a guide is that you don’t even have to know anything about the rivers, the area, what rivers are good in which seasons, the applicable Fish & Game laws, the list goes on and on!

In the words of Doug Jones, owner and head-guide at Clear Creek Outfitters:

“When I want to fish in an area I’m not familiar with, I always use a guide! With a guide, I don’t have to have local knowledge, don’t have to row, don’t have to bring my boat with me, or rent one. I don’t have to provide flies and lunch, and the local knowledge a good guide can offer is indispensable! When I use a guide or outfitter I end up optimizing my experience by getting the most out of the time spent in the area.”

At Clear Creek Outfitters we take pride in correctly matching you with your guide to make your custom guided fly fishing trip a success! Your guide will have excellent working knowledge with the river and species you’d like to target.

Why use a Clear Creek Outfitters guide…

Frankly, so you can focus on fishing!

We take great pride in making a client’s day on the river a success. I have heard client’s horror stories about past guides, and don’t ever find out that one is about one of our trips.

A successful custom guided fly fishing trip has to take many things into consideration.  Of course, finding fish is very important, but a good  personality, hard working, adaptable in different situations are all very important aspects of a good guide. Another thing we take pride in, is having equipment that is well kept up. Boats and coolers are cleaned nightly, and gear is top-notch.

A day on the water isn’t cheap.  I know that when I go on a trip, I wouldn’t want to get in a boat that’s dirty, or has beer cans rolling around or have to fish with gear that’s falling apart.

So you’re not going to find that in the morning (on our boats)!

Lastly, every one of our guides are extremely patient. We are here to help you succeed and become better anglers, catch fish and enjoy your days on the water.  Enjoy our Custom Guided Fly Fishing Trips and have memories of a lifetime!

Custom guided fly fishing clients in guide's boat

Full or Half-Day Guided Fly Fishing Packages

Includes all the essentials plus a shore-side lunch. Available on the Blackfoot River, Bitterroot River, Clark Fork River, and the Missouri River.
Custom guided fly fishing wade trip

Scenic Floats & Guided Fly Fishing Wade Trips

Available from Mid July till the end of season. Call for availability and river conditions. Available on the Blackfoot River, Bitterroot River, Clark Fork River, and the Missouri River.

The Word on the River

A few words from our clients!

Clear Creek Outfitters 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.
Clear Creek Outfitters
Doug Jones is an expert guide and Missoula is the place for trout fishing
We spent two days with Doug on the Blackfoot and Bitterroot West Fork. This guy knows the rivers and he is very good with weekend fisherman who enjoy the sport but are far from experts. Hiring a good guide makes all the difference for a successful fishing experience. He has the boat, the truck, all the tackle, and above all the knowledge of where to go and how to fish the many rivers in the Missoula area. He is a real pleasure to spend time with as well.

Clear Creek Outfitters
Thanks for a great time on the river…Dillan and Aron were great…and the bbq lunch was fantastic! Debbie enjoyed the spa and really appreciated the discount … We are looking forward to getting back in October…see you then.

Clear Creek Outfitters
The Clear Creek Experience!!
Doug Jones consistently deliver amazing experiences on Montana's best fisheries. Incredibly skilled and knowledgeable, Doug is equally great with beginners, to the most seasoned anglers....and everyone in between. He is my "go to" guide when fishing the great state of Montana and I highly recommend that you give Clear Creek Outfitters a shot. You won't be disappointed!

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