Blackfoot River Fly Fishing

Cutthroat, Brown, Rainbow Trout


Blackfoot River Flows

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Blackfoot River Fly Fishing:

The Blackfoot River was made famous back in the early 90’s with the movie, “A River Runs Through It.” The Blackfoot River can best be described as a river that winds through a conifer lined canyon, with crystal clear water. A good bit of the river is strewn with big boulders and cliff walls. The Blackfoot River canyons were formed by the glacial lake floods that occurred at the end of the last ice age.

Many consider the Blackfoot River as one of the most scenic rivers in Montana. The Blackfoot River originates 10 miles to the northeast of Lincoln, Montana. Its flows come from snowpack and springs near Rodgers Pass. Its total length is 75 miles at the point where it feeds in to the Clark Fork River east of Missoula.

Unbelievable Blackfoot River Fly Fishing

All species of trout, brown rainbow and cutthroat are present along with bull trout which require the most pristine water to survive. It’s common on a good day to have 30 to 40 opportunities at fish on a dry fly. The deciding factor on hooking up is execution of a proper hook-set and a little luck. But even if the success rate of catching that fish is only 50%, the guarantee for a beautiful float is 100%.

Often, due to the opportunities that are given, Blackfoot River fly fishing is a great experience for the novice angler, and depending on the time of year, we may float anywhere from 10-15 miles on a given day.

The tributaries of the Blackfoot include:

Blackfoot River Flows:
Maximum: 2,782  CFS (cubic feet per second)
Minimum: 557  CFS

River Source: The continental divide between Rogers Pass (5610 ft) and North to Stemple pass (6376 ft)
River Mouth: Clark Fork River five miles East of Missoula


Blackfoot River Flows

Click here for Current Conditions on the Blackfoot River.


Clear Creek Outfitters 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.
Clear Creek Outfitters
First time fly fishing, could not have asked for a better outfitter or guide, our day down the Blackfoot was fantastic. Doug is what you would want a guide to be, he is experienced, friendly and was extremely patient for a couple of novices such as myself and my wife who were enjoying their 35th. anniversary.

Thanks Doug!

Success at Blackfoot River Fly Fishing
Blackfoot River Fly Fishing Fall Scenery
Blackfoot River Fly Fishing Brown Trout

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